Branko Shares “On Top,” an Afro-Latino House Jam From Upcoming Album ‘Atlas’

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Branko‘s latest reveal from his upcoming album Atlas is a breezy and sweeping Afro-house groove titled “On Top.” The soulful and percussive track finds Branko pairing with South African producers Zanillya and Capadose, plus Cape Town’s top kwaito act, The Ruffest. For the uninitiated, kwaito is basically the hip-house of the Afrobeat world, which, when added to the cultural influence of Suriname (also a Dutch colonial possession), gives the production’s sound an Afro-Latino blend all its own. If you’re intrigued by this latest Atlas track, pre-order Branko’s forthcoming album from iTunes here. You’ll instantly receive this song, as well as sultry zouk bass jam “Let Me Go,” for free.