Brazil Comes To Brooklyn in New Compilation Bass Music from Brazil: Volume 2

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It’s astounding to consider just how many underground-to-mainstream American dance crazes have their roots in Afro-Latino Brazilian funk riddims. From MIA’s mid-2000s baile-funk-guided global crossover to moombahton and more, the Brazilian influence is considerable. However, for as much as Brazil influenced the world, the world’s inspirations being filtered through South American eyes and ears is at the core of the most progressive moments of Volume 2 of the just-released Kafundó Records and Dutty Artz-curated compilation, Roots and Bass Music from Brazil.

Opening tracks “Lurdez La Luz” by Naija and “Comrade” by Dominei, featuring Dughettu & MC Ialy, feel no less turnt up than anything performed by Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane in the last decade, but it’s the organics that take them to another level. From language to drums (i.e. their not-so-“Dirty South” feel)—and especially “Comrade”‘s horn-laden melody—it’s a wholly different vibe melding with a well-established sound. From dembow/moombahton to reggae, dubstep and localized sounds arrocha and carioca, this collection is a progressive funk parade bringing the next wave of global bass’ evolution.