Breakbot’s “2GOOD4ME” Video Is a Rowdy Ode to Japanese Lolita Culture in Mexico

Ed Banger Records may have had its heyday in the mid-2000s, thanks to Justice and Uffie, but Breakbot (aka Thibaut Berland and Irfane Khan-Acito) recently dropped a new music video that recalls those glory days. “2good4me” is an ode to Japanese street fashion – the story of a Mexican lolita residing in Tijuana and dreaming of living her kawaii life to the fullest. But being an eccentric teenager in Mexico is hard, and she acts out appropriately, firing shots into the ocean and getting thrown out of the club.

The Simon Cahn-directed visuals star Jocelyn Valencia, a real-life Mexican visual artist famous for her Japanese-inspired illustrations. Mexican teens have tipped their hats to Lolita culture for some years now, and the style has captivated people in cities like Monterrey in particular. It’s a phenomenon that’s existed alongside Japan’s obsession with cholo culture, in case you had any doubts about the all-powerful reach of the Internet.

Breakbot’s upcoming full-length LP Still Waters is set to drop on February 5.