BSN Posse Don’t Disappoint on Abrigo De Pelos Remix 

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In case you were one of those people left in awe of the smooth sounds that Abrigo De Pelos pushed through your speakers, you weren’t alone. The effect that the slow burn of “1993” had on many resulted in an alternative tape of the song, out May 13, that features the original single plus a few remixes. Spanish producers Sergio “Stay Puft” Ruiz and Enrique “Broken Lip” Gervilla—together known as BSN Posse—add a little kick to their fellow Malaga dweller’s track.

The BSN Posse remix is one of six featured on the “1993” remix tape, which also includes remixes from Mans o, Kitcut, Lost TwinJ Δ Y E E M, and Skygaze. The original was already good, but BSN Posse doesn’t disappoint.