BSN Posse & Pixelord Craft Elegant Future Bass and More on Their Hyperboloid Records Mix

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When artists collaborate, it sometimes comes at the expense of the music they produce. But for Russian future beats producer Pixelord and Spanish juke/ footwork duo BSN Posse, the result is a well-crafted, cohesive mix that reflects the intricacies of both parties. HYPERBOLOID MIX 01 is the first release from a new Hyperboloid Records series that puts two DJs in a room to produce an hour-long mix of every electronic track and remix you haven’t heard. Ranging from mellow, ambient percussion to Chicago footwork and UK jungle, this mix will take you through the many subgroups of electronic music.

As soon as the mixtape commences, you’re drawn into a sweeping and retrospective melody, and by the third track, you’re sucked into BSN Posse’s beautifully distorted cut of OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson.” Slowly, as the mix progresses, it hits more heavily, allowing for a natural flow. The steady evolution of the tape provides an effortless transition to 160 BPM, honoring the late pioneer of Chicago footwork DJ Rashad with his 2013 track “Rollin.” From there, you’ll be transported the UK and bombarded with dub and straight jungle. The fast-paced heavy bass and chopped up reggae and breakbeats leave you wanting more, but for that you’ll have to wait for the next installment.