Bunny Michael Sprinkles Some “Sex Majik” To Tease Her New Album

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Last year, Bunny Michael had a spectacular run that left us trying to figure out the artist behind the music. We eventually learned about her past, but more importantly, about her Nature Slut philosophy and innovative music – a mixture of deeply positive lyrics, danceable beats, retro sensitivities, and noise elements. She excelled at everything from her cover of Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” to her own songs, which are indebted to folk, punk, and electronica. Now Bunny is back, right where she left off.

“Sex Majik” is an Alixander III-produced and techno-inflected track ready for late nights at the club, featuring Bunny’s signature chill vocals along with some electronic bleep bloops keeping her company. She has described it as a “medicine song for the clubs.” Her breathy vocal delivery matches the song’s erotic themes; it’s a seductive, gravelly whisper that gives us a sense of intimacy at the height of the party. For her, the track is about the creative possibilities of two forces joining together. In her own words, it’s also “a celebration of sex energy.” It’s power.

The song is one of five tracks from her forthcoming album Book Of Lucid, which she plans to release later this year. Each of the songs is also a story and part of a visual series. It will chronicle the “self from potential to self-realization.” Bunny Michael is expanding on her philosophy of self-love to achieve a new level of artistic expression, and we’re all the better for it.