Buscabulla Show Puerto Rico Outside the Tourist Gaze on Their ‘Mío’ Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Supa Kid.
Photo by Supa Kid.
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We’re still over the moon with Regresa, Buscabulla’s debut full-length, which finally dropped back in May. The album is a gorgeous document of the band’s return to their beloved Puerto Rico; and with its music videos, they have found a vehicle to portray the island as they experience and love it, placing its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural expressions front and center. The new video for their single “Mío” follows the same line, and it’s making us travel without moving.

Buscabulla use “Mío’”s reimagining of a chachachá beat, pillowy filtered synths, and magnetic bass groove to give us lyrics that are hard to swallow–a commentary on how corporate tourism and political influences are taking Puerto Rico from is people’s hands. Using footage filmed for their yet-to-be-released Regresa mini-documentary, Luis Del Valle and Raquel Berrios pieced together a video for the song that does a perfect job supporting its concept.

According to the band, the video “depicts the island’s picturesque landscapes in contrast with the gritty aesthetic of notorious local festivities, which themselves preserve and expand our culture while existing beyond the market forces trying to erase them.” It’s a window to Puerto Rico outside the tourist gaze, full of folklore and nature, away from the non-stop gentrification and foreign development that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters.

Buscabulla recently released a trio of remixes from Regresa, featuring contributions from Ela Minus, Pachyman, and Jonti.