C. Tangana Turns to His Spanish Roots on ‘Demasiadas Mujeres’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the Artist
Courtesy of the Artist
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C. Tangana can’t stay still this 2020. Following his latest EP, Bien:(, and a guest spot on Sticky M.A. single “Ya No,” the Madrid rapper, who is currently recovering from coronavirus, is back with a brand new track in which heh, once again, lets his curiosity for genre exploration loose.

“Demasiadas Mujeres” is a letter penned by Puchito to the women who have impacted his life and have shaped him. Musically, he also gets in touch with his Spanish roots, with a little help from frequent collaborator Alizzz. The track features a four-on-the-floor techno kick, fat synth stabs, and samples of Joselito’s “La Campanera,” which almost resemble disco music when sped up. The song is also intertwined with cornets and drums by Spanish band Rosario de Cádiz, who perform the marcha “El Amor.”

For its accompanying music video, C. Tangana tapped creative boutique Little Spain to handle the direction and production duties. The visuals match the folkloric feel conveyed by the song, as we witness a traditional funeral presented through contemporary lenses. We’re taken back to old-time, rural Spain, and our hearts shrink instantly when the burial images are paired up with the melancholic sounds of the march.

To this day, C. Tangana has tried every dish on el movimiento’s buffet, so “Muchas Mujeres” comes as a refresh in his successful career.