Taxi Dee Flips C. Tangana’s Thirst Anthem “C.H.I.T.O.” Into a Dreamy Hip-Hop Ballad

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Spanish MC C. Tangana‘s new five-track Drake-inspired mixtape is finally out, and you can download it for free. It’s called 10/15, and it features previously shared tracks “C.H.I.T.O.” and “Bolsas.” Producer Taxi Dee also chipped in with his studio magic, as he stripped “C.H.I.T.O.” of its Drake shell and gave it a bedroom makeover.

While the original instrumental is a lot more dry and crisp, allowing the beat to have more bite, Taxi Dee’s version is mellower and dreamier, something that actually goes better with the romantic mood of the song; remember that “C.H.I.T.O.” is pretty much a confession of unrequited love to Hinds lead singer Carlotta Cosials. C. Tangana’s vocals are slightly pitched up, which makes it a little cheesy, but the production here is no game. He adds a soulful chord progression accentuated by delicate harp sounds, and cloudy synth pads make it all feel like a blur.

Wanna get your hands on 10/15? Follow this link; all it takes is an email address.