Café Tacvba Finally Announces New Album With a Power Ballad

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Café Tacvba
Photo courtesy of Café Tacvba
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Café Tacvba have been playing the long game with the release of their first new album in five years. It’s been literally months since the release of their first single “Un Par De Lugares,”  which the quartet followed up with “Futuro” and their respective videos. Just this month, they shared yet another song from the album, “Disolviéndonos,”  – not to mention a widely discussed controversy concerning one of their most beloved songs – and yet we still didn’t know when the album was going to drop.

Finally, we have some answers. The Mexican quartet’s next studio album will be titled Jei Beibí and will drop on May 5. To add to the excitement, they have shared another track from the album to get fans hyped.

“Que No” is yet another example of Cafeta’s trademark eclecticism, and showcases the range Jei Beibí has in store. The song starts with delicate acoustic guitars and delves into one of the most Beatlesque moments in their career. It’s the closest the band has been to penning an over-the-top power ballad. The song’s writer, bassist Quique Rangel, says, “[It’s about] the beginning and the end of love and an uncertain redemption…[sonically], we arrived at sounds we had never explored before, they evoke some rock bands from the 70s.”

The album was recorded at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California and was helmed by longtime producer Gustavo Santaolalla. Live drums were provided by Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace), who reunites with the band after playing on Cuatro Caminos.