Café Tacvba Calls Out the Environmental Destruction of Nayarit’s Lush Beaches in Their New Video

Café Tacvba recently dropped their first single in four years, the pristine pop wundertune “Un Par De Lugares. Its arrival was met with a huge wave of approval. Fans celebrated the new track (save for a few factions that pitted the song against the band’s classic oeuvre). The support sent the track to no. three on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, leaving people wondering what was next for Café Tacvba. We now have the answer: the video for “Un Par de Lugares.”

Helmed by Puerto Rican director Alejandro Pedrosa alongside chief Tacvbo Rubén Albarrán, the video showcases surfer Leila Takeda communing peacefully with nature. Some ominous bulldozers make an appearance, but soon they are vanquished after a crew of hippies decides to paint and decorate them with flowers at a bonfire party. Takeda’s surfing scenes are no stunts – the Oaxaca-born athlete recently won Mexico’s national surfing championship.

Thanks to the video, “Un Par De Lugares” becomes a modern-day ditty that recasts The Beach Boys’ archetypical surfer girl as an environmental activist in full command of her life and happiness.