Caloncho Tries To Resolve Relationship Issues on ‘Luna Completa’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of The Syndicate.
Photo courtesy of The Syndicate.
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Mexican singer-songwriter Caloncho has come to bless our day and calm our rushing minds with his single “Luna Completa,” the latest one of his string of new tracks released this 2020 through Universal Music Mexico. The Latin Grammy Award-nominee Ciudad Obregón artist gives us an easy pop-rock tune led by an acoustic guitar and his laid-back voice, singing about the cyclical nature of conflict in relationships, where he presents himself as someone who is willing to solve things just to find peace and heal.

“Luna Completa” comes with an also relaxed music video shot in El Ganzo, Baja California Sur, a beautiful beach setting that’s very in line with the Caloncho brand. Directed by Alexis Gómez and captured in 16 mm film, the visuals balances moments of calm and euphoria, loneliness, and friendship–all weaved together by the use of plants and flowers, bringing a freshness that complements the lead actress’ carefree performance.

“The people that appear in the video are ones that I admire a lot,” explains Caloncho in a press release. “Clara, the protagonist in the video, is a Spanish painter and everything ended up being improvised because the contracted actress canceled at the last minute.” We’ll never know how the original idea will look like, but we’re totally happy with how the video turned out.