Cam Girl Capitalism in XUXA SANTAMARIA’s “Conquistador”

I know XUXA SANTAMARIA is a multi-talented artist who a few years ago released an amazing tropi-electro clash debut album under the alter-ego Chucha Santamaria & Usted. I know her art goes beyond just music and her visual art and installations can be frequently found in Bay Area galleries. I know she’s originally from Puerto Rico and lives in Oakland, CA. What I don’t know about her is how she makes ends meet. So if she told me she moonlights as a cam girl, I’d have no option but to believe her.

“Conquistador” is the first single off her upcoming six-track mixtape, Billionair Rainbow, kicking off a one-track-a-week release schedule. The video showcases multiple sexy XUXAs teasing the viewers (don’t get your expectations up, she keeps it PG, but I’d still be careful about watching it at work), while lyrically questioning the entrapments of capitalism.

At risk of exposing myself as someone who knows embarrassingly too much about the whole cam girl culture, I’d like to ask her how many “tokens” I need for a “private session” version of this video.

Download the trackĀ here.