Camileazy Gets Nostalgic On Abuelita-Dedicated Track “C.R.L.D.”

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From summers on the beach to homemade dishes, Camileazy packs his latest song with nostalgic memories. The track, titled “C.R.L.D.,” is named after his late abuelita Carmen Rita Lizana Diaz, for whom the single was especially written. He doesn’t leave out the rest of his family. They each get a shout-out as the Chilean rapper recognizes how important they are to him.

“Canto del corazón porque no tengo otra opción,” he raps. The emcee, born Camilo Parraguez Barrios, keeps the tone of the single heartfelt for the entire almost-four minutes. French producer King DouDou provides the beat and aids Camileazy with a simple background to better spill his thoughts. The single is off Camileazy’s upcoming project, Prince of Persa II.