Candy Share Gritty New Single “Tres Segundos,” Launching Crowdsourcing Campaign To Record New Album

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Candy have shared their new single, “Tres Segundos” as part of a larger purpose. The Mexico City-based quartet are in the process of recording their third album, and they are looking for fans’ input to make it happen. The band has launched a campaign on crowdsourcing website Fondeadora for fans to make donations to cover production expenses. Like on Kickstarter, people who back the project get handsome rewards; in this case, Candy are offering everything from signed memorabilia to a private house show for the biggest investor. Not too shabby.

If “Tres Segundos” is any indication, the band is on the right path for bigger things, not only in financial terms but also musically speaking. While they still defy categorization, the song does without the grit that has characterized some of their best moments, at least until the final stretch. They still practice their energetic brand of power pop with electronic tints. Above all is catchy as they come.

Listen to the track below and donate to the cause here.