Capigo Unveils ‘Cultura High’ EP, an Ode to Blunts and Buenas Vibras

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Does the name César Pineda ring a bell? If you’re based in the Dominican Republic, you may have caught him performing as an electronic artist, or playing with rock bands like Teriyaki and Antihippie. But you most definitely have heard him dropping heat under the Dominicanye West moniker as part of witty hip-hop trio Whitest Taino Alive, most recently on their 2017 full-length Manda Nudes. He has proven to be a multifaceted creator, and there are still plenty sides of him left to explore, as he shows us in his new venture as Capigo.

On Cultura High EP, premiering today on Remezcla, Pineda once again wears his rap cap, but with a twist: the project also finds him behind the boards. This is his first EP under this alias, as well as his debut on Santiago-based net label MITEL DICO.

As its title suggests, Cultura High is all about the puff-puff-pass. “Nothing Against You,” his collaboration with Squid, is a funky cloud of cannabis smoke. Opener “Volando Ando” doubles as a carefree stoner anthem and a critical look at corruption in Dominican politics. Pineda dives further into these themes on “Capigo,” the EP’s most compelling lyrical and stylistic moment.

But knowing Pineda, it was only a matter of time until he dedicated some time to the tigueraje. “Rodeao” is an isleño crew anthem through and through; on the ultra smooth “Hottie,” Pineda recounts an after-hours flirtation with some honeys. The skipping beat adds fresh texture to Pineda’s mellow flow, and is enough to mess up your hairdo.

If you still had an inch of doubt in your body about Pineda’s talent, Cultura High is here to erase it for good. Listen to our premiere of the EP above.