Cardi B’s newest single out, and it features a measured beat and more proof that the star is getting comfortable with singing in the studio. The rapper’s voice roams across “Be Careful,” which at its best is another show of the ease in which Cardi can churn out appealingly varied flows.

The subject matter, however, is a little bit less fresh. “Said that you were working but you were out here chasing culo,” Cardi offers. Is there anyone out there listening to this song who is not familiar with the rumors of her fiancé Offset dogging the biggest woman in the rap game? The very hook on “Be Careful” references the mess; “It’s not a threat, it’s a warning; be careful with me,” repeats Cardi, offering small digs through her verses. (“Guess you acting out now, you got an audience.”)

This would be a lot more earthshaking if the lyrics were the first time that she seems to address the cheating controversy. It’s not. Cardi B addressed the gossip in interviews, and even went off on a he-said, she-said account of what went down on the remix of Chris Jeday’s “Ahora Dice” — a song that also features Offset, who continues to play games. “If you really love me, take me back,” he raps. Seems like she took him at his word?

If “Be Careful” is indicative of the fact that she’s holding the men in her life accountable for their fuck-ups, we’re down. Girl, if you’re happy, we’re happy.