Carla Morrison’s “Tú Atacas” Video is a Gorgeous Breakup Tour of the World

Carla Morrison’s Amor Supremo tour has taken her to cities all over the globe, and in between performances, it seems she found a bit of time to shoot some of the footage that appears in her latest video, “Tú Atacas.”

Stunning scenes in places as far-ranging as Lima and Times Square see Morrison drifting from country to country, doing a bit of international wallowing as she tries to get over a recent relationship. We watch the breakup do gown in the first few seconds of the cinematic, seven-minute video (The dealbreaker? Her job and frequent traveling — probably an all-too-real story for a musician touring as often as Morrison). Luxurious, ultra-saturated shots come courtesy of director Chris Carrera, who trekked around with Morrison, and the singer’s longtime partners the Broducers, the Mexican duo behind her videos for “Azúcar Morena” and “No Vuelvo Jamás.” She enlists actor Hugo Catalán — the actor from the “Azúcar Morena” vid — once again to play the heartbreaker.

Morrison released the video on Valentine’s Day, leaving an uplifting message for lonely hearts on Facebook. “Sometimes things don’t work out and even if you’re traveling the world, the heart can feel heavy, confused, and preoccupied…It’s normal to learn about yourself and to return home to reality and become stronger,” she wrote in Spanish.

The singer always uses videos as another extension of her storytelling, and this release paints a visual portrait of the loneliness and longing she purrs about on the track. As usual, she always ends her work with a little unexpected flair, and that cliffhanger ending will keep fans eagerly awaiting her next installment. Until then, you can catch Morrison at Premio Lo Nuestro next week — she’s up for “Record of the Year” for Amor Supremo.