Castro Brings An Understated Vibe To The Dancehall With ‘The Subtle Approach’ EP

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Wales-based producer Castro‘s latest Enchufada Records release The Subtle Approach isn’t your average dance EP. Long-form, dance-set friendly riddims aren’t exactly the stuff that mainstream EDM is known for in the modern era, but they’re certainly showcased here. Enchufada’s done well in plumbing the depths of global dance to find Afro-Latino sounds that challenge the listener’s ear but certainly make no move towards denying them the desire to move.

The EP kicks off with “Cobwebs,” a woozy, melodic thumper. “Ring Ring” brings energetic and vocal-driven kizomba into the mix, but yet not delivered in a ham-handed banger-style format. “Let Me Go” is a thick pounder that sizzles with a top-line horn but never boils over. “Bam Bam” is tough as hell, a soulful, trapped out zouk bass heater that makes the mind wonder exactly what a “South Central Lisbon swap meet” would even begin to look like.

If looking for a heady exploration into hot vibes that extend long, deep and melodically into a chilled out night, this is a worthwhile listen.