Celebrate National Burger Day With A Burger Records Playlist

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Today is National Burger Day and many a slab of beef contained within slices of bread will be eaten and pooped out over the next 24 hours. We here at Remezcla are ready to take the advice of that psychotic Ronald McDonald and “McFreaking lose it” but we’re going to do it a little bit differently: by listening to some of the our favorite bands on the Burger Records roster.

The Fullerton, CA-based l̶a̶b̶e̶l̶ rock-n-roll-philanthropic-quasi-religious-borderline-cultish-propaganda-spreading group has grown rapidly over the years thanks to its very personal, anti-corporate, hands-on approach. A number of incredible independent artists continue to release singles, EPs, LPs, cassettes and more via Burger including Hinds (who we’re all in love with), AJ Davila y Terror Amor, Prettiest Eyes, The Parrots, Jacuzzi Boys, Bombon, and Habibi.