Get the Kinky Munchies Going this National Burger Day with Meketrefe & Simpson Ahuevo

Those Sicario bastards are so freaking slick, they could probably make a Dolly Parton music video look cool. I mean, take this latest video for instance. All they did was get some tight young thang to take off her top and playfully (or objectifyingly, depending on your point of view), place a cheeseburger on her chichis and BAM, they have a hit. Who can resist greasy food and sex?

Seriously, I don’t even particularly pay attention to lady bits and I was aroused, or perhaps tantalized by the simplicity of this Meketrefe and Simpson Ahuevo webcam effect and voyeuristic tease. Then there’s the mouthwatering, cheese dripping burger, casually munched on and almost oozing off the screen. I have to confess, I’ve been known to Chatroulette in my undies while eating deep-dish pizza, too.

I get the fantasy fetish here, and I get the play on mass consumption and cheap pop ploys. The video just gives people what they want. The music reaffirms the current state of hip-hop’s mainstream affair. People want mind-numbing entertainment sometimes, and fast food just ain’t ever goin’ out of style. I dig it. Do you?