Centavrvs’ “La Tarde Me Dio” Video Captures the Pure Joy of Dancing By Yourself

In May of 2015, Mexico City electronic upstarts Centavrvs gave us their first full-length album Sombras de Oro, and snagged themselves a Latin Grammy nomination. It’s entirely certain that their irresistible pack of synth grooves and neoregional beats inspired plenty of solo dance parties in the months that followed. Now, in these early days of 2016, they’ve shared a joyful visual for the final single from the album, “La Tarde Me Dio,” a son-inspired ode to finding peace and happiness all by yourself. The Pablo Delgado Sánchez-directed clip features a lonely boy (with some pretty great moves) going full-Billy Idol while on the job at a pool hall. Coincidence? Watch the video and decide for yourself. If you can hold still the whole way through, you are a stronger person than I am.

For a better idea of what went into their hip-swaying debut, check out our Unscripted video with the quartet.