Here is the Nostalgic Cha Cha Cover of Daddy Yankee’s “Dura” You Never Knew You Needed

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy the artist
Photo Courtesy the artist
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Most people have been busy trying to drop the song of the summer, but it seems the Puerto Rican brothers behind the band Los Rivera Destino really just want to listen to Daddy Yankee’s smash hit “Dura” instead. In fact, the group recently took the chart-topper and reshaped it into a cha cha track that is guaranteed to go viral.

Their version of “Dura” dropped today, along with a video that shot like a 1970s dance contest that captures the old-school spirit of their remake.

They’re getting pretty good at this: Los Rivera Destino previously lit up the Internet for turning “Te Bote” into a bolero that collected more than two million views on YouTube. The trio has been performing together since 2012, and they’ve released a few original songs marked by a peppy indie rock sound. They explained that the whole idea of reinterpreting “Dura” came while they were working at a studio that belongs to Urba and Rome from Los Evo Jedis in Barrio Obrero, Puerto Rico.

“During the process of translating it into a bolero, we went back to classics of the genre such as ‘Querube,’ ‘Quizás, quizás, quizás,’ and ‘Piel Canela,’ and mirrored its signature repetition element for the chorus, using ‘Dura, dura, dura,’” the band said in an email. “That was our jumping off point into finally deciding to make it a Cha Cha, as well as adding a modern touch.”

Check out the song here: