Chicago’s Matty Rico Drops an Anthem for the 20-something Struggle

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life doesn’t have a fixed formula. We all start out running around on the same playground after school and the next thing you know, people are busy creating other humans or moving into that deluxe apartment in the sky. Chicago rapper Matty Rico processes his frustrations from society’s pressures in his latest single, “The Fall.”

“I started to see the tangible milestones a lot of my friends were reaching,” Rico told us. “It made me second-guess every decision I ever made, because my milestones existed mostly in self-discovery, and you can’t really quantify personal growth.”

“The Fall,” off Matty’s upcoming mixtape High Hopes, is relatable on so many levels because life can almost feel like a race if you let it. Doe Paoro provides the tender vocals on the hook and poses the major question, “What am I doing it for?” In the end, Matty arrives at his own conclusion.