Chilean Future Funk Producer Marvin Marlyn Drops “Feeling Hot” EP

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Dominican electronic label Stereoptico just released their latest EP by one of the crew’s most polished creations: Marvin Marlyn. Marvin has been described as “modern music with an old school feel,” which he earned through his funk-inclined, futuristic approach to hip-hop and club beats. His work relies heavily on space age synth work, which stands out as his musical forté and signature sound.

2015 brings his latest Feeling Hot EP, which exposes the artist’s latest fixations; namely UK Garage, wonkyish hip-hop/R&B, and jersey club. The other notable trait of this EP is his ever more refined synth work, which he’s been developing through previous EPs and remixes. With the addition of heartfelt melodic arrangements, all four songs cohere with Marvin’s proposal of lush sounding, future-yet-vintage electronic music.

While we wait for this growing figure of the Chilean electronic underground to release more future funk, reach out to Stereotipico to get your hands on Feeling Hot now.