Chile’s Maifersoni Travels to Outer Space With New Video for “Andina”

Recently, Enrique Elgueta aka Maifersoni surprised us by announcing the release of Maiferland (acto de amor), his second LP through Quemasucabeza – a name that just keeps popping up when it comes to good music from Chile and Argentina.

Now, Maifersoni shares first single “Andina” with a video that perfectly captures the ethereal sounds of the song. This version of “Andina” feels cleaner than the previous one we heard, and takes a simple approach to constructing an out-of-this world spacey atmosphere. No wonder the production credits go to De Janeiros (Pablo Muñoz and Milton Mahan), who have recently worked with other pop acts like Fakuta.

The song’s climax conveys sense of immense possibility, and even without the video its easy to imagine rockets launching, an astronaut reaching for the furthest frontier, a fall into the void, etc.

Maiferland (acto de amor) drops the last week of April.