Cruise the Avenidas of Santiago With Chomba Boom’s “Tobalaba” Video, Featuring Jamez Manuel

The gents of Chomba Boom (the union of Brooklyn’s Loki da Trixta and Santiago’s Richi Tunacola) explore the streets of Santiago in their new video for “Tobalaba,” featuring Chilean NAAFI affiliate and Zonora Point’s Jamez Manuel. Named for Avenida Tobalaba, a main drag in Santiago, the video follows the trio as they take the metro, fire up the grill, and let their presence be known among the locals.

Led by rap vocals in English and a hook in Spanish, plus an additional Spanish verse from Manuel, “Tobalaba” flaunts plenty of attitude, thanks to the precise verses and the snare-heavy Latin electro production. Loki’s classically-influenced New York bars (think the Beastie Boys in 2016) and Manuel’s more laid-back, smooth flow make for a solid medley over the mid-tempo groove.

Meanwhile, the video’s colorful palette overlay, as well as speedy cuts from the scenery of Santiago, perfectly match the song’s energetic mood. Helmed by local director Jaime Torés and Loki da Trixta himself, it’s no surprise the hometown flavor (mixed with a little New York City love) is in full effect.