Members of Meridian Brothers and Romperayo Join Forces for Mutant Cumbia Project ChúpameElDedo

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ChúpameElDedo have arrived with their self-titled debut album, and I don’t think I can do a better job of putting a genre to the sound than the way it’s already described on the duo’s own Bandcamp page: “experimental metal cumbia electronic electronic-hardcore Latin metal salsa Bogotá.”

ChúpameElDedo is the parallel project of Pedro Ojeda of Romperayo and Eblis Álvarez of Meridian Brothers, and their seven-track album is up for free listening, thanks to the YouTube deities.

The project is totally and beautifully unhinged, and those familiar with the two’s longer-running projects will not be disappointed; the mutant cumbia and chicha undertones are plenty on tracks like “Josefina” and “Monsanto,” while “No me coja la cola” and “Cabildo Muerto” go straight for our cold, dark, metal hearts.

For those looking for more of Bogotá’s experimental music community, keep an eye out for the Meridian Brothers’ newest album, Los Suicidas, out November 27.