This All-Woman Mix Celebrates Las Reinas de Reggaeton

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SoundCloud user Clara! did us all a favor and sliced through the branches of patriarchy to bring us an epic stream of reggaetonera bliss. I know, the machete metaphor sounds intense, but if you really think about it, how many women reggaeton stars are getting recognition on the air or in the clubs? With the strong presence of Ivy Queen, who’s been holding down the fort in the genre since the mid-1990s, it’s easy to forget that women have been in the game for awhile now.

This mix is a celebration of those up-and-coming OGs who are continually breaking down barriers. The mix, titled “ReaggaetonerAs,” features tracks (in order) from Glory Glow, Beibi G, Demphra, Heidy Brown, Adassa, Tomasa del Real, La Sista, La Mulata, Planta Carnívora, La Hill, La Insuperable, Lisa M, and the godmother Ivy Queen. So there you have it, 40 minutes of refreshing reggaeton deep cuts.