We Can’t Get Enough of the Cheesy 80s Brilliance of Clubz’s “El Rollo” Video

Monterrey duo Clubz just delivered a spot-on romantic jam suited for hot summer nights. “El Rollo” is the first single off their long-awaited forthcoming album, and it’s another slice of the delicious 80s synth pop cake they love to serve. The song is slow and sticky in the verses, but jangly and upbeat in the deliciously catchy chorus. Plus, they made sure to sex things up with some saxophone solos that are borderline cheesy, but tremendously effective. Twin Shadow who?

For the “El Rollo” music video, Clubz reaffirm their love for visuals shot all in one take, even if it’s not technically in that format. Las Fuerzas Básicas – known for working with artists like Little Jesus, Alex Ferreira, and Balancer – directed the video, which resembles the frenzy of their previous Manson-directed video for “Golpes Bajos.” Orlando Fernández and Coco Santos go from playing squash to performing in their signature formation, looking fly throughout the clip. The camera fluidly moves from one room to the other, and you never know what you’ll find after crossing those tiny Being John Malkovich-esque doors. For instance, you might find a sax player rocking out like he’s Jon Hamm playing Sergio on SNL. Get ready for some slick shots and 80s-style dancing.

Keep an eye out for Clubz’s upcoming album, slated to drop later this year.