Clubz Have a Lot to Offer and They Prove It on New Maxi Single “Épocas”

Lead Photo: Clubz
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Monterrey pop duo Clubz recently put out their first release “Épocas” through Editorial Canadá, the imprint which, despite its geographically misleading name, is actually based in Barcelona. It’s a step up for the duo – putting them in good company – and the maxi single shows why they landed the deal in the first place.

On “Épocas” Clubz takes their sound to the next level. Unlike all the songs from their first EP, it kicks off with gentle vocals that expand on their previous lyrical work focused on romantic relationships. It’s a fresh track with a handful of simple hooks on vocals, drums and synths – the kind of song you end up loving after you’ve found yourself unconsciously humming it all day.

The first seconds of a new song titled “Ciclos” hint at a different sound and more emotional heft – until that explosive guitar solo at the end scratches off all shyness. This is, no doubt, Clubz at their best. At least so far.

The release also includes two remixes by other Canadá artists: Extraperlo, who provides a Europop remix for “Épocas” (think: Solange’s “Losing You,” with hand claps subbed for hi-hats); and a summery remix for “Ciclos” by no other than El Último Vecino, Canada’s golden boy.

Clubz have a bright career ahead of them and this is just the beginning.