Clubz Share ‘Épocas’ EP Featuring Remixes From Porter, Teen Flirt, Raido, and Wet Baes

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Less than two months ago, Monterrey duo Clubz put out their first release with Spanish imprint Canada. The Épocas maxi-single included the excellent title track, a B-side called “Ciclos,” and remixes by two of the label’s favorites, Extraperlo and El Último Vecino. Well, we’ve got great news. The whole thing just got expanded into an EP with four brand new remixes you didn’t even know you wanted. All of them were made by Latin American artists and will certainly make your day better.

The duo embraces both old-schoolers and newcomers, as evidenced by their decision to invite veterans Porter and young producer Wet Baes to contribute to this expanded release. Wet Baes shares a revisionist approach to music with Clubz, especially when it comes to 80s sounds, so it was difficult to think of an outcome that wasn’t too similar to the original. He kills it, slowing things down a bit until it becomes a sensuous ballad, only to pick up the pace when the piano and samples are introduced.

Guadalajaran band Porter are the ones responsible for the most radical transformation. Their remix of “Ciclos” is a tribal chant that focuses on the repetition of the phrase “Te estoy viendo,” with added percussion and mystical vocals.

Raido‘s reinterpretation of “Épocas” feels like two in one. The entire first half is a dream pop scenario, with cloudy synth pads that slightly change in pitch, creating a disorienting effect. Then, right in the middle, Raido doubles the beat’s tempo and re-routes the song into punk and new wave territory. The third “Ciclos” remix comes courtesy of today’s go-to Mexican producer, Teen Flirt, who works in some of his R&B magic and creates a crisper and more club-friendly version of the track.