Cocobass Records Honcho Releases Dark Tropi-Vibes Mixtape Under New Moniker

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Eduardo Luis Hernández is one of the guys that runs Cocobass, a netlabel we know very well around here. He has released a number of EPs under his Flybvck moniker, showcasing his ability to somehow make romantic tropical bass in a similar way to Ryan Hemsworth’s technique with trap. Well, now he’s dropped that moniker and just released Fnps, his first mixtape as Edoardo Lois.

From the get-go, we can feel a significant difference from his previous output. The first few minutes of the mixtape feel darker and more experimental than we’re used to. But the truth is, that feeling doesn’t stick for too long, and a third into the mix we begin to hear more upbeat rhythms and tropi-vibes that bring him closer to house and other music from the Cocobass catalogue.

It’s no coincidence that a number of the tracks on the mixtape are slowed-down, reworked versions of a discarded Flybvck album– the romantic, emotional elements are definitely present. Be sure to download the mix, since it comes with the extra track “Nscms,” which features Hernández on vocals.