Three Viejitos Trip Balls and Wreak Havoc in Cocofunka’s “Chúcaro” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Eduardo Márquez

Costa Rican band Cocofunka are about to drop Chúcaro, their third album, and have shared the title track as a sneak peek at the evolution of their sound, a trippy and experimental blend of calypso and indie rock produced by Bomba Estéreo mastermind Felipe Alvarez and Tico Mario Miranda.

The music video for “Chúcaro” is a blast of contagious euphoria. It was directed by Giuseppe Badalamenti in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and follows a trio of viejitos on the best day of their lives. Apparently, they’ve traded their medication, setting out on an exhilarating adventure and wreaking havoc along the way. They’re chased by police as their journey gets more and more surreal, ultimately ending in their outlandish, metaphorical death.

All of this is soundtracked by the soca-infused psychedelia of the track, with lyrics that match its rebel heart. It’s all a little reminiscent of Modjo’s “Lady,” but as if the protagonists grew old and took a lot of drugs.

Chúcaro is out February 26.