Cocotaxi’s Perreo’d Out Take on Cumbia Andina Shines on “Sucre” EP

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We’ve been anticipating Swedish duo Cocotaxi‘s Sucre EP for a minute. Their perreo’d take on cumbia andina shines in glitched-out, bouncy original productions “Sucre” and “Cielos” out via Dutty Artz. The five-track EP was created in honor of Sucre, Bolivia, a place that the duo have visited together, and which also happens to be la patria of one of the artist’s father. While Cocotaxi’s two original productions have already made the rounds, the full EP release brings us three remixes to further explore the electro-altiplano sounds.

San Antonio-based Peligrosa member Sonora delivers an epic edit, taking “Sucre” on a piano-driven, blissed-out ride that creates an airy version of the melody.While the edit touches on trap-inspired sounds, Italy’s The Clerk takes it to slightly heavier territory, stretching out the chanting vocals on “Cielos” while letting the horn line slowly build and breathe through. Dutty Artz label head Chief Boima‘s remix of “Sucre” smoothly brings in the Saya Afro-Bolivian percussion tradition, while calling on Afro-Mexican emcee Bocafloja to connect the migratory dots as he raps to the diaspora.

You can grab the full Sucre EP release via iTunes, Boomkat, Juno, and Amazon.