Whitest Taino Alive’s Cohoba Returns With “Exodo,” a Sparse and Harrowing Grime Tune

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The last time we were blessed with solo material from Whitest Taino Alive producer Cohoba was two years ago, when he released his Chromatism EP via his own Stereoptico imprint. The EP found him tackling the power of trap beats processed through bass music and thick layers of impenetrable synths. Now the producer (aka Jorge Read) has readied a brand new EP titled Exodo, which marks his debut on international label Fine Grains Records. Here at Remezcla we have an exclusive first preview of the release.

The song in question is Exodo’s title track, a collaboration between Cohoba and English grime MC They Call Me Raptor. Read remains true to his interest in trap, but he’s matured his sound into something that doesn’t replicate his past works nor his productions with Whitest Taino Alive. Shying away from maximalism and synth layers, he keeps things sparse, sharp, and crisp. A relentless reversed sample sets a melancholy tone, but the beat is precise and aggressive, rich with bass tones that rumble through and through. Raptor fits right in the middle, injecting dark vibes with his gravelly voice and rhythmic delivery, repeating the ominous phrase “hope you don’t overdose” until it becomes catchy.

Exodo drops on Monday, November 21, and also features an instrumental version of the single and four more original tracks and remixes by T_A_M and Daisuke Tanube.