Compass’ New Single “Te Andan Buscando,” Features Don Cheto (For all GTA 5 Fans)

Lead Photo: Photo via Red Bull studios
Photo via Red Bull studios
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When you have a record that features everybody from pop icon Boy George to banda icon Ana Barbara to Japanese icon Cornelius to metal drumming icon Igor Cavalera (of Sepultura fame); obviously your first single is the song you did with Don Cheto.

…wait, what?

The union of producer extraordinaires Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute of Sound) and Toy Selectah alongside over 90 guests to craft an album full of cumbia, rhythm, and groove-centric goodness, Compass is bound to get a ton of people talking. After all, it feels like an album event of titanic proportions – it’s not everyday that two world-trotting producers who truly understand barrio sounds get together, adopt the world’s best studios as their playgrounds, and invite every artist their heart desires.

“Te Andan Buscando” is a simple catchy song that will have you dancing and singing the hook, aided by the Mex-American radio/TV personality for effect (the first time Lara and Don Cheto are heard together since their collaboration on GTA 5’s East Los FM radio station). I’m not sure if it’s pure madness or sheer genius that prompted them to release this track as the lead single, but I will go with the second choice here, since having Don Cheto singing strips any preconceptions of pretentiousness you might have before listening to Compass. This one goes out to all the pacheco video game heads.

After all, this is an album where rhythm is king, and little else should matter as much.