Stream: Compass’ “Uy Uy Uy” (feat. Carlos Ann and Kool A.D.)

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Today, another bite from the forthcoming Toy Selectah and MISCamilo Lara‘s star-studded Compass album is ready for your ears. After sharing the party track “I’m a Soldier,” featuring Angela Hunte and Chedda, los compas now bring us “Uy Uy Uy,” with contributions from former Das Racist member Kool A.D. and Spanish veteran Carlos Ann.

Like the other tracks we’ve heard from this project so far, the song grabs inspiration from cumbia and other regional Mexican rhythms, resulting in an upbeat and cheerful number for puro pinche pari vibes. Carlos Ann seduces with the tone of his voice, although the style kind of clashes with the lyrical content: “Hoy te he visto caminando por la calle/caminando con personas que eran idiotas,” he sings bitterly, before being joined by Kool A.D.’s smooth-as-hell rapping style and particular usual sense of humor. There’s no discernible chorus, only some “uy uy uy” moments. As for the beat, it chugs a long at a steady pace, switching up for a brief hip-hop reference during Kool A.D.’s verse.

Catch Compass live in NYC at the forthcoming Latin Alternative Music Conference and Ruido Fest in Chicago. Mexican Institute of Sound is also performing at this year’s Supersonico, in October.