Watch Two Couples Frolic in a Museum in Compass’ “Uy Uy Uy” Video

Mexican Institute of Sound’s Camilo Lara and Toy Selectah could be pulling a gigantic metaphor for their work together as Compass in the video for “Uy Uy Uy.” Set in what seems like a museum with antiques and vintage paintings, the track features a prominent–and very catchy–accordion line and early cumbia rhythm. But it also features the shuffling electronics that characterize the Mad Decent label, who is releasing the joint.

The video could be considered an allegory for their work. Here we see two old dudes, perhaps curators of the place, that get possessed by the voices and personalities of Carlos Ann and Kool A.D. They are seduced by two sultry ladies putting on the moves, all while dancing and jumping on furniture. Ann sings in a whispery tone, reminiscent of older techno, while the ex-Das Racist rapper delivers a laid-back verse. The masterminds behind Compass are only represented via two paintings. By lighting up the museum with their track, Compass take a past that has been preserved and breathe life into it, sparking excitement and joy into the genres they hold dear.