Convex Mirror’s New EP Is a Promising Work of Mexican Darkwave Pop

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Mexico City’s underground music scene has been on a dark and apocalyptic tip for the last couple of years. Acts like Las Brisas and Futurología are good examples of how the overpopulated city has inspired artists to portray abstract, stark, and futuristic landscapes in their music.

An example of this phenomenon is Convex Mirror, a duo who have created their own style of darkwave pop, as catchy as it is jarring. While this darker aesthetic permeates the rest of the scene, we encounter Mexican artists sampling other genres like minimal synth and coldwave and creating concotions drenched both in nostalgia and hyperrealism.

Convex Mirror’s new single “True” is a goth darkwave track full of haunting, soft-spoken melodies. Set to the beat of a huge drum track and drone synths, this song will likely get many repeat plays. The decision to pair this song with a lethargic cover of Pink Turns Blue’s “Walking on Both Sides” works, but it leaves you wanting to hear more of their originals. It’s a promising but short release from one of the newer kids on the block. They’ll be playing alongside Dani Shivers, Haciendo el Mal, and Daniel Maloso at Tres Tres in México D.F. on August 1.