Vampire Reggaeton Reigns on Coral Casino’s “Nike (Fuera Un Santo)”

Lead Photo: I NEED SPONSORS' Coral Casino. Photo by Ivan Pierotti
I NEED SPONSORS' Coral Casino. Photo by Ivan Pierotti
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Fall in love with Buenos Aires’ Coral Casino, the masterminds behind the dark “Nike (Fuera Un Santo).” The duo is made up of Roque Ferrari, who handles the team’s production – or “nerdeada,” as he put it in a recent interview with Argentine magazine Wipe – and Lara Artesi, a vocalist whose notes have morphed with and influenced Ferrari’s machinations through the two years of the project.

This is a group that lets the music lead them, as evidenced by the continued evolution of their sound. In that same Wipe discussion, the two elaborated on the ambitions behind their songs: “We’re not a band that tries to make social criticism; we’re more like dreamers of imagery and landscapes.”

“Nike (Fuera Un Santo)” is produced by Ferrari, who also goes by Orodembow in his beatmaking capacity. He led the duo’s Summer Romance EP – which came out in February – with a similar, auto-tuned dive into lover’s reggaeton. The low-key perreo beats are a pronounced shift from the Frank Ocean covers and synth-heavy love evident on last year’s debut mixtape $lytherin.

But that’s the beauty of dreams — they evolve over time. The same goes for Coral Casino, who have announced intentions to tour outside of the country, with rumors of a full album that will drop in October.

Argentine illustrator and tattoo artist Ivan de Quilmes created the album artwork for “Nike (Fuera Un Santo).” Press photo of Coral Casino by Ivan Pierotti.