Spark One Up and Roam Buenos Aires With Coral Casino’s “Summer Romance” Video

Argentine duo Coral Casino’s re-envisioning of reggaeton’s boldness has a softer, introspective tone, and it’s one of the reasons we included the group on our neo-perreo round-up earlier this year. Their work is a good example of the different directions in which artists have seen fit to spin the genre, and the surprising moments of experimentation that reggaeton has flirted with in 2016.

The visuals for their “Summer Romance” video come as no surprise for those who are acquainted with the low-key, wavy tracks that CC was feeling on their 2016 EP of the same name. The artists are making it their business to explore the genre on behalf of the stoned and amorous.

Check the clip above. Buenos Aires video producer Elefante Diamante seems to have envisioned what a reggaeton concert video would look like if after the gig, the shot callers made all their friends go home, turned off the lights, and played a lazy game of hide and seek — that the video editor was all about. Elefante has a back catalog full of similarly offbeat creations, having previously worked for indie pop band Hypnotica and Buenos Aires art mag Sandía on object-based moodiness.

Basically, “Summer Romance” is the story of an after party for the creative introvert in love.