Coral Casino’s “Tenía Todo” Is a Summery Dancehall Collab With King Doudou

Lead Photo: Photo by Ivan Pierotti
Photo by Ivan Pierotti
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The Argentine yeísmo hasn’t really had its moment in dancehall, but maybe Coral Casino’s “Tenía Todo” will change that. Vocalist Lara Artesi’s “estoy esperando que me schames” showcases how the duo is playing with the genre’s stylistic and geographic frontiers. Plus, the rhythm is sticky and sweet.

Thank French producer King Doudou for that. Here, he flexes his talent for crafting addictive, summery backdrops. His efforts may have created the most commercial sound in Coral Casino’s arsenal to date – a bonafide bilingual romantic radio jam. That’s a sign of evolution; Roque Ferrari and Artesi’s project has been dealing in hazy reggaeton textures since they veered away from synth pop after 2015’s $lytherin mixtape.

Their indie sensibilities remain, though. You’re not going to be hearing lyrics like “so I’m leaving you/Because I don’t feel secure” in a Nicky Jam or Gyptian joint anytime soon. There’s room for many feels and perreo inflections in 2017 — and it seems like Coral Casino will be exploring that versatility to the fullest.

Press play on our premiere of Coral Casino’s “Tenía Todo” above.