C. Tangana Waxes Poetic About a Former Boo in His Cover of Drake’s “Plastic Bag”

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We were wondering about Spanish rapper C. Tangana and his love for Drake instrumentals, since his two latest songs are reworks of tracks by the Canadian star. First comes “C.H.I.T.O.,” his love letter to Hinds’ Carlotta Cosials, which is based on “R.I.C.O.,” followed by the superb “Nada,” built over “No Tellin.” But now we get it! He’s about to release a mixtape completely based on remixes and reinterpretations of Drake songs, and here we’re proud to present one of the standout tracks: “Bolsas.”

C. Tangana jumped on “Plastic Bag,” fresh from the recent Drake and Future collaborative mixtape What a Time to Be Alive, and raised the emotional bar. He spills nostalgia all over the track, reminiscing about his former lover while being with another woman. “Esta cara de felicidad debería ser por tu culpa/pero no,” he raps in a heartfelt, introspective voice, hinting that he isn’t exactly sad about fooling around with other women, but he’d rather be with his boo.

Expect C. Tangana’s Drake-centric mixtape as soon as October 26.