Indie Dream Team Cuco and Clairo Drop Sweet Funk Duet “Drown”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Orienteer
Courtesy of Orienteer
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Beloved indie artists Cuco and Clairo trekked from their different galaxies of the lo-fi universe – and different coasts of the United States – to make a song together. “Drown” is a slow jam with 70s funk basslines and the stoner charm of its respective singers. The bittersweet almost-dialogue sets up Hawthorne, California’s Cuco fresh off the release of his Chiquito EP to bounce chords off those of New England-bred Clairo, who released her own diary 001 EP two months ago. The result is an expression of neo-romance that nods to Kali Uchis and Tyler, the Creator’s slightly more hopeful 2016 duet “Perfect.”

The announcement of the track left fans on social media excited, if not entirely surprised. (Sample comment on Cuco’s preview post on Instagram: “I called this shit!!”) If the team-up between two artistically attuned singers seemed forthcoming, people might be interested to note that they have the at-times surprising collaboration series Songs From Scratch to thank for the release of “Drown.” The series has also paired Chance the Rapper and Nosaj Thing for the envelope-pushing, social dialogue-stirring “Paranoia,” as well as a Fetty Wap and Bauuer track.

“Drown” picks up similar notes in its artists’ repertoire, producer Ricky Reed underlining a correlation of their sound that goes deeper than certain shared sartorial stylings (crew neck sweatshirts and a love of sweet eyewear onstage.) Cuco’s intro wails and bilingual verse are stand outs, nimble expressions of regret that will cut those who have let the wrong one go.

Listen to the new song via Zane Lowe’s World Record on Beats 1 or Spotify below: