Cuco Returns To Take Us to ‘Paradise’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Courtesy of the artist
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Bedroom pop pioneer Omar Baños, otherwise known as Cuco, returns after a two-year hiatus with his single “Paradise.” The love-inspired ballad marks Cuco’s first release since his 2019 debut EP Para Mi. The Chicano songwriter then took a very public break from music. With his latest, it seems the artist and producer is now back with a renewed sense of self and a more refined version of his classic synth-fueled dream pop.

“Paradise” follows suit of Cuco’s singles that are made for the infatuated folks cruising down the beach coastlines in the summertime. “When I’m with you it’s paradise/I’m down for you,” he sings, “I’ll roll forever.”While the single features his trademarked new wave bedroom melodies and R&B styled vocals, it also introduces a new experimentation into the world of trap-inspired percussion beats.

Its video counterpart allows us to travel through Cuco’s interpretation of paradise. With an active presence online and lack of shyness to share what had been bringing the singer senses of peace, the video is a play on the many things that kept up the songwriter’s spirits during his time away from music.

Taking center stage both on his social media and “Paradise,” is his relationship with real-life and video love interest Marilyn Reyes. Supplementing this escape to happiness are visuals of summer-ready beach scenes, car collecting, studio time and flashes of homies simply having a good time together.

Cuco enlisted the help of creative industry heavyweights, Cliqua, to bring his intimate inspired visions to life. The creative duo are the masterminds behind the visual work of artists like J Balvin, Rosalia, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd.

The artist took to Instagram to share his excitement and to thank all his fans who continued to support him through his break from music and now his transition back into the recording studio. His online note also indicates this will not be the last we hear from him musically in the upcoming year. “I’m way stoked to finally be putting music out,” he wrote. “Been a minute but we’re going up this year!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for sticking with me , this is a new chapter for me and I’m beyond grateful. This is just the beginning.”