Cult Cumbia Band Meridian Brothers are Back With a New Video

Meridian Brothers are back. The Colombian ensemble, which was already something of a cult item since the end of the 90s, had a huge breakthrough to new audiences in 2012, with their first international record. They’ve kept the momentum going, releasing a new album last summer on Soundway Records, and as of late gathering a loyal audience among hardcore cumbia listeners, as they were one of the favorite latin acts in last Nrmal Festival 2015. Now, they go wild with a new video for “El Gran Pájaro de los Andes;” an instrumental piece off their last record Desesperanza (2014), an album totally composed and executed by leader Eblis Álvarez, who is now a key figure in experimental Colombian music.

Playful yet with some deep grooves, this tune’s video captures the percussive nature of the bands best swings, while also pushing forward with some psychedelic and trippy vibes. The visuals were conceptualized by Mateo Rivano & Eblis Álvarez; mixing what could be some timeless rituals. It seems like the kind of magic that bubbles up when you’re exposed to something old and new at the same time.