Cute Toons And Sharp Political Message On Ana Tijoux’s New Video

For the third video off her most recent album, Vengo, the French-Chilean femcee went with some neat animation, thanks to a collaboration with political cartoonist and illustrator Malaimagen.

While Ana Tijoux sings (and raps, but mostly sings) over a reggae beat, the cartoon follows a day in the life of this young girl conflicted about capitalism, consumerism, and all the fakeness that surounds her. Eventually capitalism turns into a life-sucking giant parasite that corrupts and destroys everything that gets in its way and tries to get her too, but she fortunately finds refuge in an underground group of book-reading, meal-sharing revolutionaries.

Nobody familiar with Ana’s body of work (remember “Shock”?) or upbringing (her parents were political exiles during Pinochet’s dictatorship) could be surprised by the message. It’s definitely consistent with her ideology, but it becomes a lot more explicit thanks to the animation by reaching out to those who enjoy her music but don’t necessarily understand (or pay attention) to her lyrics. Well done!