Cyané Blossoms Into a Flowery Creature in the Hypnotic Video for “Stand Sol”

It’s been a while since we last heard from Guadalajara singer-songwriter Cyané. The artist has been traversing the globe for the past few years, living in places like Baja California and Hawaii. She eventually found her way to Berlin and collaborated with fellow Mexican producer Cubenx in 2014. Those sessions culminated in a newfound interest in electronic sounds, which saturate her upcoming Static Discos release Stand Sol.

Cyané picked the title track as the first single, and the song exemplifies how seamlessly she swapped the plucked strings of her acoustic guitar for broken beats, thick and crunchy basslines, and synth-driven atmospheres. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the leading role of her elegant and velvety voice; she sings hauntingly in English and harmonizes beautifully for extra chilly results.

For the “Stand Sol” music video, Cyané debuts as a director with a little help from Fernando Pérez. It’s a gorgeous visual representation of the lyrics, where she metaphorically turns into the sun to be reborn. But here, she doesn’t transform into the sun; instead she blossoms into a creature covered in bougainvillea flowers, while she performs stunning choreography with a bare-chested dancer.

Stand Sol is out on October 17 on Static Discos. Cyané is set to perform at this year’s edition of the Mutek Mx.