D33J Crafts Emotional 808 With a Brazilian Touch on ‘Favela Worldwide’

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DJ mixes can be troublesome. You can’t really change them in terms of mood; sometimes they’re not as effective as having a human selecting the perfect track on the fly. Listening to Favela Worldwide, you can sense that LA producer D33J has minimized this problem. He’s crafted an example of what makes a great set–without having to look through the proverbial pages of his CD case to look for the right beat.

A member of the Wedidit collective, the DJ has assembled a series of serpentine tracks, featuring an eclectic collection of artists. The mix samples everyone from Pxxr Gvng to Fetty Wap to Kelly Rowland to Actress to Caribou, with a Brazilian feel popping throughout the 54-minute set. D33J labels his style “emotional 808,” which translates into soulful, minimal trap that also aims to get your feet moving.

The synth-heavy and techno-flavored hip-hop mix is guaranteed to jumpstart your party, something we’re sure D33J brings every time he shows up to do his thing live. Keep your eyes peeled–he and his homies in Wedidit will bring the party to Australia and New Zealand in the upcoming months.